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If you happen to be in the area on this night make it a priority to stop in.  It'll be my first time hitting a listening party/ art show, once I may have some work featured in.  Even though it falls on the night of Powerhouse, I'm going to put my priorities in order and make it my business to be in the building. $5 isn't much but the canned goods means so much more.  The greater the number received, the more people that get fed because of it.


FNO 2010

My first time in NYC for Fashion's Night Out was quite the adventure.  Chaotic but an event I wouldn't mind experiencing again.  I'm a Jersey girl but I don't get to see New York very often.  Each time I arrive, I'm met with something new.  This time, that something new happened to be some great photo ops.
More shots on my Flickr.


This is a complete game changer for me.  I thought I was content with the GF name & Logo but lately I've been looking at it and getting absolutely nothing from it.  It's not a name that pops. I'm just glad I haven't used it on anything serious yet.  I've still got time a few decisions but I'm pretty sure I know where I want to go.


embrace, embody, believe

I did a minishoot with myself today. A spur of the moment impulse that resulted in me shooting some of my favorite shots of the year. I'm not usually a fan of high ISO speeds but it worked to my advantage in this case.